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Ramanand Sagar Museum

Prem Sagar has been collecting information about his father keeping in mind that one he would write a biography on him. Before leaving earth, RS gave his son Prem most of the collection of books, postcards, family photographs, his old clothes, old ramayan books, awards like Padmashri etc. since he felt that Prem would do something with it in the future.

The collection of various items with Prem has resulted in the creation of the Ramanand Sagar Museum, where visitors can come and see the struggles and highs of the life of a modern day saint who was in the grihasti ashram (ashram of marriage). It would also contain a library with research books.

We are collecting donations from all over the world to fund the construction of the museum.

Ram Mandir

As a tribute to our Ishta Devta, Shri Ram, the beloved god of the Sagar family, A temple shrine has been envisioned by the team, to redefine temple architecture, usage and rituals. A modern day definition of a temple is what we wish to capture with our creative team. More info on this coming soon!

Community Hall

To take forward the vision of “papaji” RSF is creating a community hall where the various films and television shows created by the legend himself will be shown for free in AV rooms. We also want to have a community hall where lectures, educational discourses, satsangs, vocational training can be imparted. This will be a place of activity and community building. It will also be a work place where our communities can go about doing their activities like product making, cooking, preparations, conduct religious ceremonies, marriages, etc.


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