What We Do

Research Wing

RSF does cutting edge research on Indian culture, history and archaeology. Seeped in their deep knowledge accumulated over many generations, of Hindu Puranic texts, Philosophical texts, Ayurveda, Jyotish etc. – Prem and Shiv have used their knowledge to create some of the most smash hit shows on Indian Television and continue to do so.

Currently, RSF is doing a statistical analysis of the phenomenon of the “Sade-Sati” or the seven and half years of Saturn crossing the natal moon. Please mail us for more details, endowments, grants and getting involved in our books, research and publishing.

Education and Vocational training

RSF has started funding the education of few adivasi (tribal) children in Hatnoli village near Chowk Phata, near Karjat. The aim is to provide holistic education seeped in Indian cultural ethos and ethics with a focus on Vocation training and skill development, to make the education relevant. RSF intends to set up a school and campus based on the principles of the ancient Gurukul system of education at their campus in Karjat in the future.

Health and Wellness

RSF has conducted health camps for tribals in this region. Our approach to health is one related to changing habits and lifestyles in order to promote a long and disease-free life-journey. Allopathic approach is required and great for emergencies and operations but it must be supported by long term healing offered by alternative medicinal systems like Ayurveda, Unnani, Chinese, Homeopathy medicine etc. ancient systems of medicine. According to Ayurveda, the stomach is the main cause of all disease, and so diet coupled with light exercise is essential to a long term approach towards well-being.

Woman Empowerment

RSF believes in the woman as the central pillar of the family. She is the focal point and the binding factor between all members. She is the first “Guru” of the children. The local women of the area have been employed by Tooth Mountain Farms in the housekeeping department as well as all the farm products that are manufactured at TMF are made using local woman.

Empowering woman with an income makes her independent and more in control of her life. Previously, sewing machines have been donated many times to local woman to encourage them to take up a profession.

Religious Services

RSF does not discriminate against any caste, creed and religion. We are all born humans at birth, and it our upbringing and cultural surroundings that shape our beliefs.

Ramanand Sagar had a strong belief in humanity in spite of having seen humans at the nadir of their behavior. He came from a long spiritual heritage involving so many gurus, spiritual experiences and regular pilgrimages, many of which are mentioned in his biography. Keeping this in mind, we do offer ancestral worship as a free service to whoever would like to conduct the same. Pitru puja can be conducted at our premises. We offer you an area with fire place to conduct the same. Depending on the case, costs for the same can be waived off or charged.

Animal Shelter

RSF has assigned an area in the campus which devoted to care and welfare of all species of birds and animals. Animals not able to find homes, will be given food and shelter, while help is provided to find them a home.